VP of Operations, Nate Kennedy of Selectshops.com sexually harrasses female employees.

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Copy of an Open Letter to Nate Kennedy's wife:


Your are being contacted now because we have obtained proof of your husband,

Nate Kennedy having affairs, conducting sexual harrassment and cheating on you.

Several employees of Selectshops are now aware and will bear witness to these

activities. Nate has not been careful, and has exchanged sexually charged

texts, instant messages and received nude photos of at least 1 current female

employee. Dana Lemon and others will be called to testify in the upcoming


Many females at Selectshops have not come forward earlier due to the fear of

retaliation by your husband.

He has wrongfully terminated employees in an attempt to cover his tracks. He

has broken Arizona employment laws by intentionally influencing future

employment of terminated employees, being dishonest and denying unemployment benefits.

This is not blackmail; we just wanted you to be aware of who you are dealing

with. We know that this is not the first affair that you have learned of.

A keylogger utility was installed months ago on Nate's phone and laptop. A

record of everything he types on these machines is sent to us. He should really

have learned to lock those things down when leaving his office.

It is sickening that females are afraid to report his advances and that Nate

is married and continues to flirt and carry on sexual conversations with female

employees. It's certainly not a secret that some employees have been

terminated without cause while employees like Dana Lemon are allowed to break the rules

in exchange for sexual favors, nude photos and more.

You look in your husband's eyes when you ask him about this and you'll see the

truth. He will be scared and make every attempt to lie and decieve you.

We don't need the log files. As property of Selectshops, subpoeanas will be

issued in conjunction with the proof already obtained.

If you'd like, we will gladly send you the photos, instant messages, text

messages and emails so that you can confront him directly. Just respond to this

email. Due to fear of retaliation, we must remain anonymous until the justice

system can protect us. We are confident that our data and proof will severely

impact Ristal, Inc. via monetary awards. Nate has hurt his company and his family

and many employees. We know his past, and this is not the first affair that

you know of. You'll be surprised at who is ready to come forward. He might want

to have a talk with his Bishop and come clean quickly.


Review about: Employee.


Gilbert, Arizona, United States #799729

The allegations presented here were fully investigated and found to be false. Should you have questions or concerns about this complaint, please reach out to our Human Resources department.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #599921

Shame on everyone involved and the excutive staff for not addressing this issue internally and allowing it to continue and become publically known.


this kind of post should not be tolerated

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